Nikki Insley, LMT

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550 Robinson Avenue Barberton, OH 44203


Massage therapist Nikki Insley knows all about stiff backs. As a former truck driver, she regularly logged long hours of sitting behind the wheel and often found herself unable to move at the end of hauls. She began to rely on massage therapy to extinguish the stiffness and pain that had settled into her lower back, and eventually chose to hang up her keys and become a therapist herself.

Drawing on years of hands-on experience in spas and chiropractic offices, Nikki unties muscle knots with relaxation and deep-tissue massages. She believes that a great massage allows patients to trust the therapist and relax completely, letting go of stressful thoughts and persistent fears that someday, cows will want their milk back.

Although her studio remains as clean as it was in the days when it served as a doctor's office, it has replaced the cold, clinical feel with soothing creams, greens, and browns. A burbling fountain greets clients in the reception area, its gurgling blending with the sound of soothing music as guests enter the blue and green private treatment room.


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