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    51% Off Massage
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    53% Off a Haircut at Hair by Justyna
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    Up to 85% Off Chiropractic Care in Barrington
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    Up to 56% Off Custom Facials
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    53% Off Keratin Treatment at Boda Salon 
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    Up to 65% Off Massage and Stress Review
    Multiple Locations
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    Up to 65% Off Teeth Whitening and Dental Care
    Lake Zurich
    $220 $99 4.1 miles
1250 S Grove Ave, Ste 200 Barrington, IL 60010


Sole2Soul Bodywork's licensed massage therapist, Mike Greenfield, knows that it's harder to fix an injured body than it is to develop a healthy one. He learned that while working for more than five years in a health-and-fitness center and through his own certification in personal training. Mike sees his massage work as integral to his clients' overall health and well-being, whether he is helping to prevent injuries with a postgame sports massage or detoxify the body with lymphatic-drainage techniques. In addition to these and several other modalities, Mike also administers doctor-prescribed medical massages, which can help alleviate soft-tissue injuries as an alternative to medication or wearing a suit made entirely of Icy Hot.

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