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26300 Cedar Rd Beachwood, OH 44122


In business since 1912 and currently operated by a sixth-generation furrier, Vollbracht Furs preserves and protects pelts inside the upscale Summit Mall. Upon request, bonded drivers pick up furry garments from homes, businesses, or backyard tree forts and carry them to the family-owned shop. An authorized fur-care specialist then cleans, combs, and conditions furs to enhance durability and softness, while repairing small rips and tears in order to thwart further damage. A temperature-, humidity-, and light-controlled storage facility prevents furs from drying out, oxidizing, or prematurely aging, while protecting them from the thieving paws of chilly teddy bears. Vollbracht Furs will store vestments for any stretch of time through December 2012, with customers expected to pick up their furs by the following January.

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