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    Up to 57% Off Laser Foot Fungus Removal
    $450 $199 1.3 miles
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    Up to 70% Off Laser Nail-Fungus Treatment
    West Portland Park
    $1,000 $299 3.2 miles
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    56% Off Foot Pain Treatment
    $296 $129 4.3 miles
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    50% Off Hangover IV
    Sherwood - Tualatin South
    $300 $150 4.8 miles
9989 SW Nimbus Ave Beaverton, OR 97008


When it comes to her patients’ health, employing one school of thought isn’t enough for naturopathic doctor Mai Nguyen-Pham. That’s why, at All Naturopathic Clinic, she incorporates five wellness philosophies— clinical nutrition, botanical medicine, lifestyle counseling, physical medicine, and homeopathic medicine—to broaden her approach to improving patients’ well-being. With physical medicine’s colon-hydrotherapy and massage sessions, Dr. Nguyen-Pham helps improve her patients’ circulatory and immune systems, whereas her understanding of botanical medicine allows her to prescribe natural dietary supplements to support function of the liver, digestive tract, or respiratory system. From this diverse repertoire, Dr. Nguyen-Pham creates a custom regimen of treatments to aid each patient in any number of wellness goals, such as losing weight, overcoming insomnia, or becoming Fabio.

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