Bd's Mongolian Barbeque

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7201 Wisconsin Ave Bethesda, MD 20814


bd's Mongolian Grill combines do-it-yourself dining with the communal traditions of Genghis Khan's sword-toting Mongol warriors to forge a distinctly different feasting experience. Guests can create their own stir-fry meal in one bowl for lunch ($8.99 for vegetarian, $11.99 for stir-fry with soup and salad, $11.99 for unlimited vegetarian, and $13.99 for unlimited stir-fry) or dinner ($13.99 for vegetarian with soup and salad, $15.99 for stir-fry with soup and salad, $15.99 for unlimited vegetarian, and $18.99 for unlimited stir-fry with soup and salad). Choose from a myriad of meats, a variety of vegetables, a smorgasbord of sauces, and a slew of spices. Pair lamb with bean sprouts and pineapple in a stir-fry you'll deem the "Lamb With Bean Sprouts and Pineapple," or combine calamari with egg, peppers, peanut sauce, and chili powder for a meal you'll name after yourself—the "Reginald." With ingredients assembled, guests will pass their stir-fry bowls on to bd's Mongolian Grill's expert grillers, who will give the appetizing assortment a trial by fire on the restaurant's large, flat grill. After your sustenance ceases to sizzle, you're free to take your customized cuisine back to the table, where you can determine your prowess in patchworking together palate-pleasers and inflate your own ego with compliments to yourself.