Harajuku Crepe

9405 Santa Monica Blvd Beverly Hills, CA 90210


Because Harajuku's crêpe batter uses sticky-rice powder (mochi), the crêpes are chewy and springy, perfect for noshing on the go or replacing old mattress springs. First, choose a batter (original, buckwheat, Earl Grey, green tea), then approach fresh toppings, including bananas, strawberries, chocolate ice cream, homemade whipped cream ($1 for the first topping, additional toppings $0.50 each), and azuki beans ($1 each). Skew savory with a ham and cheese crêpeurrito ($5.50), or keep it animal-less with a spinach-salad enrapture ($6). Harajuku imports authentic Japanese teas and serves steaming mugwallops of Intelligentsia coffee ($2.50 for a regular).

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