Glenn Miller, Certified Hypnotist

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7035 Beracasa Way Boca Raton, FL 33433


A certified hypnotist with more than a decade of experience in hypnotherapy, Glenn Miller of The Hypnosis Zone empowers clients to overcome their mental stresses and blocks within the hidden depths of their own minds. Designed to effect positive change by opening the mind to the power of suggestion, Miller's hypnosis treatments ease clients into a relaxed, open state, allowing them to shed their awareness without tripping the brain's emergency door locks. Once in this dissociated condition, the subconscious mind may more easily accept suggestions for modifying negative habits or actions, such as smoking, excessive anxiety, or alcohol abuse. Despite the lowered awareness, clients remain fully conscious and in full control of their bodies and speech during the session. Outside the office, Miller entranced listeners on his former WBZT radio show, Hypnosis and More.

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