Ha'Penny Bridge Irish Pub

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855 W Broad St Boise, ID 83702


The Ha' Penny Bridge Pub takes its name from a Dublin fixture: the Liffey Bridge. But its name and Samuel Beckett fan page is not the only way the pub pays homage to Ireland. The menu showcases authentic Irish recipes, while the bar pours Irish imports fresh from taps. While traditional pub meals are well represented on the menu by dishes such as bacon cheeseburgers, French dips, and chicken wings, what stands out are the pub's Irish fare and specialties. Cod arrives battered in beer with a side of crisp fries or house-made chips, and house tartar and cocktail sauces. A sausage trio showcases English bangers, Polish kielbasa, and German bratwurst, while the shepherd's pie bursts forth with lamb, beef, and veggies.

Meanwhile, amid live music, big screen TVs, and a lively atmosphere, patrons can sip on two-dozen draught beers. Domestic microbrews include Californian and Oregonian ales, while imports include Irish favorites Guinness, Harp, and Smithwick's, alongside Boddingtons, Bass, Newcastle, and other seasonal brews. And in addition to a slate of bottled classics—including standards such as Budweiser or Coors—the bar also hosts a well-stocked cabinet of liquors and scotches.