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1889 Wildwood St Boise, ID 83713


The three massage therapists at Olga’s Deep Tissue Massage specialize in utilizing firm pressure and working deep into the muscle tissue to treat aches, pains, and tensions from watching a baby bird attempt flight for the first time. Allen Simpson, a member of the trio, is an 11-year massage veteran, known for his expertise in relieving tension in and around the shoulder blade, and for his signature massage maneuver, the “neck spider” technique.

On their home page, the staff relays a story about a strong Swedish woman, a farm-hand, a butcher’s assistant, and a cook, whose massage prowess helped a Swedish Olympian to win a major weightlifting competition. The story may or may not be true and may or may not have served as the inspiration for the studio’s focus on deep-tissue massage work.


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