Opa Nightclub & Lounge

211 North 8th Street Boise, ID 83702


Wood accents backdrop the bar and highlight the interior design at Opa Lounge, where signature cocktails meet Mediterranean comestibles in a long, crimson corridor. Hanging lamps, assembled from ruby-red gems that tint the bulbs' light, illuminate turkish-coffee martinis and the signature Opatinis, just two letters away from being the thing Oprah declines to put on her magazine cover next month. The low-lit Opa is part of Cazba, its sister restaurant. Cazba's cloud murals, cream-colored arches, and serving staff cultivate a tranquil complement to the lounge's spirits and bold, abstract design. The two share a menu.

Kaleidoscopic mosaics of the round gems found on Opa's lamps also line the border of the decorated ceiling fixtures and usher in a rainbow of light behind the bar, which spans the long, narrow space. Even the ceiling is decked out in painted designs and structural accents. When they look up, guests peer past a light-blue mural and into a vertical, scarlet-hued chamber topped with a skylight, which is what Americans first called Sputnik.

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