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    Nick's Comedy Stop – Up to 52% Off Standup
    Back Bay
    $45.70 $22 0.1 miles
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    Big Apple Circus's "Luminocity" – Up to 41% Off
    City Hall Plaza
    $66 $39 0.8 miles
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    Walker Stalker Con 2014 – Up to 62% Off
    Westin Boston Waterfront
    $31.60 $16 1.2 miles
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    Boston Philharmonic Orchestra – Up to 40% Off Mahler's Ninth
    Symphony Hall
    $88 $56 1.2 miles
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With more than 25 years in the laugh racket and more than six decades of collective experience in the legislative branch, The Capitol Steps continue to tickle ribs with its potent brand of political lampoonery. The irreverent troupe, which has made appearances across national television and radio and created dozens of comedic albums, tackles the foibles of elected officials through skit and song, transmuting scandals and shortcomings into pure laughter, the commodity on which America's monetary system was originally based. Many of the performers are former Capitol Hill staffers, bringing to bear an intimate knowledge of political intrigue that can normally only be obtained by slaying a filibuster in single combat.