Cloud Nine Float Center

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    Up to 67% Off Infrared Sauna Sessions
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    59% Off Massage, Mani-Pedi, and Body Scrub
    Glenwood Grove - North Iris
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    Up to 78% Off Salt-Cave Sessions
    Multiple Locations
    $45 $10 5.2 miles
5290 Arapahoe Ave Boulder, Colorado 80301


At Cloud Nine Float Center, visitors experience weightlessness without having to leave the earth. They climb into the Tranquility Tank, a chamber brimming with 10 inches of warm water and 660 pounds of epsom salt. The salt’s immediate purpose is two-fold: to keep guests floating on their backs and nourish the skin without causing pruning. The combination of soothing salt and balmy water can also assuage multiple afflictions, which range from stress and insomnia to arthritis and back pain. It’s even believed to help ease anger and boost concentration and energy.

The tank attendant customizes sessions by allowing guests to opt for music or silence and open and close the hatch as they wish. Clients can also use a pillow to keep their ears and the family gems hidden within above water.