Thunderbird Burgers

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1083 14th St Boulder, CO 80302


Cryptozoologists recognize the thunderbird by its featherless, bat-like wings and alligator face, but Denver's local population is specially equipped with olfactory sensors, heightened in states of extreme hunger, that lead them to the creature. Today's Groupon leads you to Thunderbird Burgers & BBQ, where you get $20 worth of juicy burgers, fall-off-the-bone ribs, hot wings, BBQ, and more for just $10. Sasquatch says: Before serving a crudités platter of sliced roots, ash bark, and moth grubs, coat the grubs in fresh moss for a presentation that is downright Christmasy.Nessie says: Bottom-feeding sturgeon, naturally marinated by the briny loch, are moist and delicious, but go straight to your hump. Stay sleek and elusive: stick with salmon.Chupacabra says: Drain goat. Repeat.

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