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    Alco Capital Theaters
    Boynton Beach
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    Up to 50% Off Ten-Game Bingo Package
    Fountains of Boynton
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    Up to 64% Off Pilates and Yoga at Pilates of Palm Beach
    Boynton Beach
    $135 $49 2.0 miles
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    57% Off at British Swim School- Boynton Beach
    Catalina Centre
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    Up to 56% Off at AMF Bowling Co.
    AMF Boynton Beach Lanes
    $32 $17 2.3 miles
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    Up to 63% Off Personal Training Sessions
    Boynton Beach
    $105 $39 2.5 miles
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    51% Off Bowling at Palm Beach Strike Zone
    Lake Worth
    $65 $32 3.2 miles
9764 S Military Trl Boynton Beach, FL 33436


The aroma of salt and butter fills Alco Capital Theaters in Boynton Beach. Manager Larry Forbes has worked in theaters for three decades, having started out projecting midnight rock flicks at a drive-in in Fort Lauderdale. He therefore balances a sentimental attachment to film with the practical aspects that make it good for business. "If there's a problem and you have a technician—which we do onsite all the time—you can fix it immediately," he points out. Although the majority of work is projected from film, the theater's eight screening rooms are not warehouses for nostalgia. Digital and Dolby 3-D projectors deliver sharp pictures and immersive experiences to stadiums of 1,500 lumbar-supportive seats, as digital speakers and ADA listening devices make eardrums quake.

During the winter, moviegoers prepare for the upcoming awards season with a full slate of Academy Award–nominated films. On some summer days 700–800 kids will flood the theater by 10 a.m. for adventure flicks and romantic comedies, and when things slow down in the fall, Forbes fires off notices of indie premieres and director Q&A sessions to members of the Movi-E Mail Club, who have chatted with director Susan Seidelman and burgeoning stars from The Palm Beach County Film & Television Institute. On federal holidays, the staff host a special matinee for students, and every Tuesday they pile free popcorn into reusable plastic buckets and vacant laps. The theater's dedication to its audience extends to special requests—Forbes remembers slipping a man's wedding-proposal video into the previews one night. Although he doesn't remember the film, Forbes does remember the woman's answer: she said yes.

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