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According to legend, Elias Atrum—a recluse dubbed "Old Eli" by area townsfolk—first farmed the grounds in the 1800s. When locals began disappearing, the authorities’ investigation pointed toward Eli’s farm, where they stumbled upon unspeakably gruesome sights. Now, every October, the farm fills with the sound of screams and Eli’s maniacal laughter.

Creepy Hollow’s Atrum Farm tells the gruesome story surrounding the locale, tracing Eli's grim descent and the carnage that he left in his wake. New this year, Paranoia—a second trail—lures intrepid guests through more of the haunted grounds, highlighting the sinister presence that lingered long after the mad farmer disappeared. This trail maintains a petrifying mood made all the more unsettling by strobe lights, fog machines, and loud noises. For easily frightened guests, Creepy Hollow includes a relaxing moonlight hayride through some of the 1,000 acres of farmland and a 5-acre, family-friendly corn maze. The staff also keeps teeth from chattering with concessions such as hot dogs, hot cider, and hot chocolate.