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    Up to 53% Off Facial Treatments
    $95 $45 0.7 miles
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    Up to 54% Off Spray Tans at Mandalay Mist
    $30 $15 0.7 miles
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    Up to 60% off IPL Facials
    Multiple Locations
    $150 $69 1.5 miles
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    Up to 34% Off Botox
    $210 $139 1.5 miles
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    38% Off Botox Injection
    $240 $149 1.6 miles
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    Up to 54% Off LED Body-Contouring Treatments
    Multiple Locations
    $195 $89 2.4 miles
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    50% Off Threading
    $14 $7 3.6 miles
2034 Badlands Street Brandon, FL 33511


Though the bright colors and mod furniture of South Beach Tanning’s numerous salons may tempt clients to kick back for hours, that’s not the staff’s goal. Instead, they strive to provide swift, hassle-free tans that get clients out the door quickly to enjoy the day. Each of the chain’s salons boasts a floor plan that is twice as large as the average tanning salon, which increases the likelihood that a bed will be free and therefore reduces annoying wait times. Guests can choose from five tiers of UV beds, whose successive levels beget increased bulb output and more amenities to imbue swifter, more comfortable tans. For a UV-free glow, customers can opt to hop in the salon’s automated VersaSpa booths, which guide jets of pigmented formula from head to toe in only 46 seconds to grant a look as summery as boat sails composed of stitched-together bikinis.