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128 Central Ave Brooklyn, NY 11221


Bushwick Kitchen's chefs seek out inspiration from cultures and cuisines across the world, using these disparate flavors to create eclectic menus of reinterpreted international staples. Just like Linda Blair’s head, these menus rotate every few months, allowing the staff to incorporate newly imagined recipes as well as seasonal ingredients. The scope remains consistently broad though, with truffle-cream sauces, chili-ginger glazes, and honey, mango, and sriracha chutneys representing flavors from the various regions around the globe.

In contrast to the jet-setting menus, Bushwick Kitchen's intimately sized dining room adopts a slightly simpler ambiance. A handful of shelves line the sunset-orange walls, displaying everything from empty bottles and small lanterns to a pair of wooden bellows. These casual touches help convey a grounded, homespun atmosphere.


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