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    Up to 80% Off Classes at Martial Arts USA
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    45% toward One In-Home Personal Training Session
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    Up to 92% Off Boot-Camp Classes
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759 Washington Ave Brooklyn, NY 11238


Over the course of the last 50 years, Grand Master Bill Mcloud has dedicated himself to exploring and mastering the world's greatest martial arts. His studies helped him develop a comprehensive understanding of self defense, one which combines the awareness of boxing, the strikes of karate, the grappling of jujitsu, and the fluid reactions of aikido into lessons that work for people of all sizes and skill levels. Along with his staff of dedicated black belts, he helps students improve their fitness levels, confidence, and ability to stand up for themselves should the need arise. Bill also understands the importance of well-rounded fitness; experienced instructor Edwin Amaya leads the studio's yoga lessons, guiding students through mindful hatha-based poses that enhance both minds and bodies.

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