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    Up to 75% Off Acupuncture Packages
    Multiple Locations
    $150 $39 0.0 miles
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    Up to 80% Off Massage and Spinal Adjustments
    $125 $25 0.0 miles
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    Up to 63% Off Acupuncture at Center for Integrated Eastern Medicine
    Multiple Locations
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    92% Off Chiropractic Package
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    $350 $29 0.6 miles
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    Up to 69% Off Acupuncture Sessions
    $90 $35 0.6 miles
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    Up to 61% Off at Wellstone Acupuncture
    Multiple Locations
    $100 $39 0.7 miles
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    Up to 55% Off at Awakening Acupuncture
    $75 $35 2.6 miles
1140 US Highway 287, Suite 100 Broomfield, CO 80020


Scot Somes—the licensed acupuncturist and owner of the Center for Integrated Eastern Medicine—believe that each person should take control of his or her own health. His sister Stephanie, who works as a clinic practitioner, agrees. Together, they facilitate this at their Eastern Medicine clinic, which also serves as a sports physical therapy center. Patients can bring their body back to balance with a detailed acupuncture session, or have a Tui Na massage, in which a therapist focuses on acupressure points without using needles. Each treatment can be customized to attend to certain symptoms, including migraines, allergies, digestive issues, and chronic pain. Scot and Stephanie can even prescribe Chinese herbs to help speed recovery or increase your empathy for pandas.

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