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    Up to 59% Off Swedish Massages
    $80 $39 1.5 miles
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    Up to 63% Off In-Home Eyelash Extensions
    Mobile Service
    $200 $75 3.4 miles
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    Up to 51% Off a Spa Mani-Pedi
    $19 $9.50 4.4 miles
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    Up to 51% Off Haircuts at Kimberlily Creek
    $39 $19 4.5 miles
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    Up to 53% Off at Santana's Hair Studio
    $30 $15 4.9 miles
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    Up to 51% Off Haircare from Susie at Hair Works
    Kenmore NE
    $50 $25 5.6 miles
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    51% Off at DM Massage
    Located Inside Physical Therapy Health Club
    $85 $42 5.6 miles
181 Allen St Buffalo, NY 14201


The Massage Studio combines relaxing kneading sessions with a romantic atmosphere to create a cozy spa getaway that leaves guests unwound and stress free. Bring a mate, friend, or life-sized drawing of Elvis for respite from busy workdays with the 70-minute couples massage. Each individual will have his or her own personal, licensed therapist slugging stress with a muscle makeover while bodies relax side by side within a private room. Nimble fingers will lull muscular tension into a false sense of security with traditional Swedish-massage strokes before striking with soothing deep-tissue techniques to release hapless stress. The addition of hot-stone therapy warms up world-weary meatsuits, allowing for better absorption of oils and lotions and warmer muscles for clearing icebergs out of the paths of transatlantic cruise ships.

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