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    45% Off Frozen Sno-Ball Treats at Snookies Cookies
    $5.50 $3 2.7 miles
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    39% Off at Raspado Xpress
    Multiple Locations
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    52% Off Coffee, Smoothies, Ice Cream, and Shakes at Coffee Land
    North Hollywood
    $25 $12 3.4 miles
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    Up to 43% at Baklava Factory
    Multiple Locations
    $12 $7 4.5 miles
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    Up to 64% Off Cupcakes at Helena Wirth Cakes
    Van Nuys
    $42 $21 5.6 miles
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Edible Arrangements fresh, artful fruit baskets combine the aesthetic elements and emotive properties of floral arrangements with the juicy deliciousness and socially acceptable edibility of fruit. The sweetener-free, preservative-free baskets are all handcrafted for each order, ensuring that deliveries arrive at the apex of freshness. Delve into the depths of fruity expression with Edible Arrangement's selection of singular gifts, such as the Little Special Expression ($24), the faux-floral vase of Simply Daisies ($52), or the boxed 30-some of decadent Fruit Truffles ($39). On a holiday or any day, an Edible Arrangement can turn a frown into an upright orange wedge, a tear into a three-tiered citrus structure, and a friend into still just a friend, but one with a sweet, balanced diet.

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