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3401 SW Wilshire Blvd Joshua, TX 76058


As a mother of three, Krystal Gray envisioned owning a studio where children and adults could explore their creative sides together. That vision materialized when she took over ownership of The Art Barn Studio, a place that lavishes visitors with all of the materials and inspiration required to create their own unique masterpieces. A cow-print storefront beckons creative minds into a colorful studio where friendly staffers—including seasoned artists and local high-school students—help guests to create and decorate custom works of art including pottery, mosaics, and jewelry. Artists who don't finish crafting their project or debating politics with their muse in The Art Barn Studio's regular operating hours—Tuesday through Saturday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.—may pay a return-visit fee and finish it at a later time.

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