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More than 12,000 patients once walked the halls of Saint Lucifer's Haunted Asylum. There, cruel electroshock experiments and unexplained tragedies were the norm, and “release” was nothing more than a laughable concept. It was a place where patients frequently disappeared in five miles of underground tunnels, a place where the body count was abnormally high. It was called evil and said to be haunted. And then it was ordered closed by the state in 1974.

Yet, once a year during the Halloween season, the asylum opens its doors to intrepid visitors. These guests must navigate the ward's halls in the company of tortured spirits—patients who were subject to the whims and tools of a mad doctor. Even after they have braved the hospital, they must then pass the seven gates of 13 Feet Under, where zombies, bloodless corpses, and ghouls devoid of facial features prowl.

The two terrifying locales have earned a spot on Haunted Attraction magazine's "Must See 25 Haunted Houses" of 2011 for their devotion to harvesting screams. According to an ABC feature, they employ professional actors to enact their up-close scares, rather than relying on college improv teams who demand that patrons shout out their greatest fear before entering.

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