Rejuve Health & Wellness

320 10 St NW Calgary, AB T2N 1V8


Rejuve!'s website hosts a live counter that tallies how much weight their clients have lost—most recently, it reported a total of 563,227 pounds. The spa's four-step detoxification treatment, designed to rid bodies of excess fat and toxins, was partly responsible for this success. The treatment begins as a technician records each person's measurements, weight, body-fat percentage, and serial number. Then, a registered massage therapist performs a 20-minute lymphatic-drainage massage to spur the body's natural filtration process. A subsequent 45-minute infrared body wrap warms to 55 degrees celsius to ignite a detoxifying sweat. Finally, the technician retakes measurements to document any inch or body-fat reduction.

rejuve! also offers infrared yoga classes held inside heated studios that augment the detoxification process. Class structures range from powerful Baptiste Free Style to slower-paced Gentle Yoga.