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The expert trainers at Energeia Boot Camp take personal stock in motivating each member to reach his or her fitness goals. Through a combination of fitness coaching, nutrition advice, and positive support, they take an active role in keeping their charges accountable to themselves. Their more than 30 boot-camp sessions per week meet morning and evening, rain or shine, leaving clients with no excuses to stay home to try to remain perfectly still for 24 hours. The sessions challenge members with an ever-changing lineup of routines that incorporate running and stair climbing, conditioning drills, and strength and resistance training that campers tackle at their own pace. This variety keeps muscles from becoming accustomed to the workouts, rendering them ineffective, and prevents workout burnout.

To further motivate their patrons into action, the staff members help them track their progress during regular fitness assessments. Clients can also sign up for personal-training sessions to make progress toward their goals in a one-on-one setting.