Canton Classic Car Museum

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104 6th St SW Canton, OH 44702


The Canton Classic Car Museum exhibits 40 pristine and restored automobiles from yesteryear, which mingle among rare memorabilia pulled from the last two centuries. In one of the decade-focused rooms, a Packard hearse shares floor space with a 1937 bulletproof Studebaker, a car designed to protect policemen from bank robbers and dive-bombing pigeons. Cars like the 1966 Ford Mustang Convertible offset rare and little-known models such as the Holmes, built in Canton and declared possibly America's ugliest car.

Filling the walls and the spaces between the cars, oriental rugs and vintage Tonka trucks mix in with treasures from Canton’s bygone era. A fortune-telling machine from Meyers Lake Amusement Park stands ready to peer into the future, porcelain signs advertise businesses long since closed, and political keepsakes from President McKinley’s term remind viewers of a time when the political machine was focused on keeping outer space from crushing Earth.