Ultimate Flight

2640 East College Parkway Carson City, NV 89706


Strapped into an ultramodern Apollo Trike powered hang-glider, FAA-certified instructor Paul Hamilton pilots air tourists above South Lake Tahoe’s crystalline expanse, which reveals picturesque reflections of the Sierra Mountains’ snow-capped crags. A light-sport aircraft powered by a purring Rotax engine, the Apollo Trike enables the prolonged airtime and weather compatibility not found in flights with a conventional hang-glider or out-of-control umbrella. During Paul’s introductory, intermediate, and advanced lessons, students swiftly suit up in appropriate flight gear before a quick safety briefing prepares them for the journey. An emphasis on hands-on training anchors the interactive lessons, which require no previous experience and may even take off in winter thanks to Ultimate Flight’s heated apparel and midflight campfires.

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