Aesthetic Dental Designs at Plum Creek

1025 S Perry St Castle Rock, CO 80104


At Aesthetic Dental Designs, Dr. L. Scott Brody and his staff maintain mouth bones in a comfortable environment, making use of digital x-rays and advanced intraoral cameras. During an approximately one-hour exam, Dr. Brody thoroughly explores facial caves to seek out cavities, precursors of oral cancer, and ingrown milk moustaches. Four digital bitewing x-rays and a digital panoramic x-ray eschew the high doses of radiation from conventional x-rays to reveal the hidden goings-on between tooth, root, and bone. A hygienist bathes teeth in a whirlpool of foam, flosses nethermost nooks, and removes pillow mints posing as molars. Patients in need of flashier fangs can opt for the in-office KöR whitening treatment, which employs a peroxide formula to safely coax out stains from coffee, tea, and aging.

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