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    Up to 85% Off Laser Hair Removal
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    Up to 66% Off Waxing at Wax On Wax Off
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    55% Off Brazilian Wax or Sugaring
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    Up to 53% Off Waxing at Ragtops Day Spa & Salon
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    Up to 58% Off Brazilian and Eyebrow Waxes
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    Up to 64% Off Waxing
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    Up to 92% Off Laser Hair Reduction
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Microgenesis is a safe, 60-minute facial treatment designed to beautify all skin types by combining the healing powers of Microdermabrasion (a $60 value) and Laser Genesis (a $175 value) treatments into one targeted, customized facial. A skilled aesthetician uses a fine sand tool to gently exfoliate the skin while suctioning dearly departed skin cells and old muffin crumbs from the face's outer layer. Resist the urge to eat the subsequently applied strawberry-spearmint mask, as it will erase the mask's topical benefits, which include improving skin tone, fixing broken capillaries, and hydrating the skin. Like a metaphor for life, once you think it's all over, a bright light in the form of a laser emerges from the mist to heat the upper dermis. This safe, comfortable method stimulates healthy collagen, reduces the appearance of pores, decreases wrinkles, and tightens loose hinges. The strawberry-spearmint Microgenesis process treats uneven skin tone and diffuses redness, leaving skin as silky as a dolphin torpedo.

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