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6100 West Gila Springs Place Chandler, AZ 85226


Although injuries sidelined him after earning a gold medal at the Junior Olympics, trainer Steve Fischkin renewed his passion for fitness by crafting a conditioning program that has helped him and his clients rediscover their healthiest selves. Today he leads a team of Impact Boot Camp trainers who tone and tighten students into shape. During boot-camp classes, exercisers spend an hour nickel-and-diming brows for every last sweat bead with a high-energy regimen that includes resistance training, obstacle courses, and wind sprints. Much like a game of boardroom musical chairs, Steve promotes a fun yet work-oriented exercise environment.

Impact also personalizes a diet plan for each patron. At an initial fitness consultation, the trainer and client set future goals, identify foods the client should be eating, work together to create a meal plan, and check sneaker pockets to make they aren’t hiding any unhealthy snacks.