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6170 W Chandler Blvd Chandler, AZ 85226


The instructors at S-Cape Fitness believe that tangible results are the best motivation to keep working out. However, they also understand that falling into a workout rut is a surefire way to revert to bad habits. With those two beliefs in mind, they oversee a roster of ever-changing, functional exercises that keep bodies fit and minds engaged. Their inspirational body challenges, such as the 12-Week Body Challenge, combine personal training, customized meal planning, and small-group training to burn fat and build muscle rapidly. Trainers also schedule a full line-up of group cross-training classes, which pair well-executed kettlebell, medicine ball, and agility workouts with metabolic conditioning. This trio of workout styles targets muscles throughout the body, delivering full-body fitness the healthy and effective way. When they're not working out, clients can receive full-body assessments, learn about nutrition, and enjoy the atmosphere of friendly team cooperation with other like-minded exercisers and their talking parrots.