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1618 E Morehead St. Suite 100 Charlotte, NC 28207


Since graduating in 1994 from the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill School of Dentistry, general dentist Dr. Chris Bowman has made his home in Charlotte, where his practice, Advanced Dentistry of Charlotte, continues to brighten smiles. In addition to regular cleanings and family visits, Dr. Bowman places special emphasis on in cosmetic dentistry and invisible orthodontics, restoring crooked smiles to a straight, immaculate state. His experience has earned him the status of Clinical Instructor and Mentor for Six Month Smiles while providing Invisalign treatment for more than 12 years as well.

Zoom teeth-whitening treatments whiten teeth by up to 8–10 shades in one session, and custom-made whitening trays allow patients to polish their own chompers at home within about two weeks. To ensure the latest in dental techniques and services, Dr. Bowman attends an average of 100 hours of continuing education a year—far surpassing the state-mandated 15 push-ups.

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