Charlotte Martial Arts Academy

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2228 Hawkins St Charlotte, NC 28203


Instructors at Charlotte Martial Arts Academy pride themselves on building confidence and self-discipline in their adult and youth students learning judo, jiujitsu, and other martial arts. These qualities are foregrounded in the Academy creed, which emphasizes "discipline, honor, peace, and respect." Not only does every class cover the proper way to kick, punch, and karate-chop a block of wood into two perfectly whittled black belts, but each also includes lessons on health and fitness. Safety, however, is always the top priority. Though a number of distinct martial arts styles are taught, instructors also combine techniques to equip pupils with the skills for real-life self-defense scenarios.

Senseis Michael Price and Mary Roberts don't merely call upon their years of experience when they're on the mat; they also train continuously to keep their self-defense and teaching skills sharp. In addition to their class curricula, they also also host private birthday parties where a karate lesson, cake, and decorations create a memorable occasion.