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    50% Off Jewelry at The Candy Box LLC
    $30 $15 1.2 miles
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    45% Off Services
    Villa Heights
    $150 $83 1.6 miles
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    50% Off Athletic Gear at TrySports
    Multiple Locations
    $40 $20 4.3 miles
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    Half Off Maternity Wear at Pickles & Ice Cream
    $50 $25 4.4 miles
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    Up to 75% Off Stationery and Wedding Invitations
    Park Selwyn Terrace
    $100 $25 4.5 miles
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    55% Toward Clean, Polish, and Rhodium of Two Rings
    South Park
    $60 $27 5.0 miles
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    Up to 64% Off Bespoke Menswear at BookATailor
    $198 $99 5.0 miles
1916 Commonwealth Avenue Charlotte, NC 28205


After traveling to cities outside of Charlotte, earth enthusiasts Fiona and Marley began envying the other towns' stockpiles of eco-friendly stores. Back home, they could always buy green products on the web, but since they had no opportunity to sample or even look at them before delivery, they were frequently disappointed with their purchases. They decided to take matters into their own hands in January 2011 by establishing ecolicious—a one-stop market for vegan and eco-friendly wares.

Each item at ecolicious bears a product tab with a review by staff members, who personally test the goods they shelve. Jewelry crafted by local artisans hangs near vintage clothing, raw snacks, and cleaning supplies made from humanely harvested soap bubbles. Within the store's bright blue walls, Community Supported Agriculture members can also pick up their seasonal shipments of local produce.

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