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2711 Randolph Rd Charlotte, NC 28207


Dr. Scott Menaker and Dr. Tricia Rodney have years of combined experience in dentistry and its cousin field, advanced box-kite mechanics. They've fully stocked each room in the practice for extreme comfort. Patients can enjoy cable TV, headphone music, and the option to transport nerves to an ocean-side hammock with nitrous oxide. Your appointment begins with a thorough assessment to determine the condition of your teeth. The wise tooth guru will see where your teeth have been and where they are going before summoning x-rays in order to look beyond the visible spectrum. Unseen cracks and signs of decay become readily apparent under the inescapable eye of penetrating wavelengths. During the scrub-down phase of your visit, a meticulous rebuffing will leave your grin spick-and-spandexed like a sparkly gymnast.

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