Nothing But Noodles

7930 Rea Rd Charlotte, NC 28277


Nothing but Noodles has a casual dining environment, fast service (customers eat within 15 minutes of arriving in the store), and a vegetarian-friendly menu packed with delicious pastas and made-to-order noodles. Start with Thai lettuce wraps, a cozy bundle of wok-seared chicken, fresh-cut jicama, and button mushrooms splattered with a signature sauce with carrots, red bell peppers, and Thai peanut sauce on the side ($5.99). Kids can nibble on cheese pizza ($4.49), while non-child diners go for fettuccini alfredo with parsley and fresh-grated parmesan and romano ($6.89). Or opt for the sesame lo mein, which mingles mushrooms, red bell peppers, Napa cabbage, and scallions ($6.99). Avoid sweet-tooth defections by ordering a cannoli inflated with ricotta cheese and chocolate chips and drizzled with chocolate syrup ($3.99). Adulty eaters can irrigate their arid throats with hot herbal tea ($1.69), premium beer ($3.89), or wine ($4.50 per glass).

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