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1820 South Blvd Charlotte, NC 28203


The textile warehouse had seen many uses since it was built in 1925, but it had been empty when Susie Peck and her friends moved in. They saw its hardwood floors, exposed brick, and massive timber ceiling beams as warm and rustic—the ideal setting for the new Pewter Rose Bistro. Named for a small, pewter tin the original Pewter Rose Bistro owner purchased on her worldly travels, the now collectively owned restaurant posits a distinctively American take on casual European fare, which the agile hands of head chef Cory Zupon bring to fruition at every service.

The kitchen blends southern-style comfort fare with Mediterranean dishes and other ethnic cuisines, with many dishes assembled from local produce and fresh seafood into risottos and finely cooked filets. Dishes pair with more than 170 wines, each handpicked to join the eatery's focused collection, which features California and European varietals. At weekend brunch, more than 25 à la carte offerings rise from foundations of egg, toast, and produce, which also evoke the eatery's signature creative touches. On some evenings, aromatic tendrils rise from tables to mingle with strains of live music from the laid-back Pewter Lounge bar area, where guests relax on padded couches or chairs to listen to acoustic strains and jazz on Wednesday and Thursday.

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