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1423 East 7th Street Charlotte, NC 28204


Jewels hang like icicles from the ankle strap of salmon-pink stilettoes. A crystal-studded strap traces an infinity symbol around the ankle and arch. Delicate yet eye-nabbing, Trendy Heels to Totes’ shoes by Johnathan Kayne and Carlo Fellini don’t just complete the outfit—they define it. The boutique’s staff recognizes the power that well-matched accessories command over an outfit. In that spirit, they furnish fashionistas with complimentary swatch consultations and even dye jobs. Additionally, they strive to stock shoes that suit feet of all shapes, sizes, and grape-stomping techniques, carrying up to a size 13 on select styles. If clients still can’t find their desired size or color, the boutique can custom order the item and procure it within five days.:m]]