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565 Cedar Rd Chesapeake, Virginia 23322


Helmed by a husband-and-wife team of certified personal trainers, Wellness One Fitness propels clients toward fitness goals with more than a dozen types of sinew-sculpting classes. CrossFit functional-training workouts and beginner-level Fundamentals sessions, filled with Olympic lifts and gymnastics-inspired bodyweight exercises, make muscles as sturdy as a redwood dressed in chainmail. Along with imparting squats, dead lifts, and kettlebell swings, the classes may include cardio intervals to build stamina and endurance. Instructors can tailor routines to nearly any skill level, allowing new exercisers to work out beside world-class athletes and aspiring human cannonballs. Alternately, punch cards usher students to classes focused on different muscle systems, including core-toning Pilates sessions and Zumba classes that raise heart rates as they lower stress. Boot camps reshape the entire physique with weight-training moves and low-impact calisthenics.

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