De Cero

1 814 W Randolph St Chicago, IL 60607


While other Randolph Street eateries lie dormant on Sunday mornings, De Cero is up and ready to BRUNCH YOU UP. Metromix Chicago’s glowing review offers a gluttonous glimpse into De Cero’s innovative brunch. Your Cinco de Mayo Party doesn’t have to end tonight; start it back up Mother’s Day morning by drinking your mom under the table with a pineapple-coconut water, an agua piña, a mimosa, or a spicy cilantro-rimmed bloody maria. Then sober up with cinnamon coffee and dig into scrumptious standards like huevos rancheros. The black-bean cakes with chipotle crema, scrambled eggs, and pico de gallo are a local favorite. If you’re in an experimental mood, try the horchata French toast: Italian bread soaked in homemade Mexican rice milk, lovingly coated with brown sugar-cinnamon-walnut butter, and served with blackberry compote.

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