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    Up to Half Off Salt-Spa Sessions at Galos Cave
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6501 W Irving Park Rd Chicago, IL 60634


The air is tinged with the smell and taste of salt. Stalactites of salt dangle from the ceiling, and the floor crunches as the group walks through inches of rock salt. After taking a seat, soft music plays and the lights dim while the group relaxes and breathes in the healing salt air. This routine plays out several times a day inside Galos Caves' artificial sea microclimate, which earned it a nod in Time magazine. Using 100% Black Sea salt, the cave's air is laden with the negative ions of salt, which are thought to treat respiratory diseases, digestive tract problems, and dermatological blemishes. From asthma to rheumatic disease, the salt can help the body alleviate the more troubling symptoms of myriad conditions, and the relaxed atmosphere helps remove stress. Kids are welcome in the serene environment, and the staff gives children toys such as shovels, Frisbees, rakes, and plastic french fries to play with in the crystals.

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