Jamaica Jerk

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1631 W Howard St Chicago, IL 60626


Under the esteemed tutelage of owner-and-operator chef Waite, Jamaica Jerk crafts a menu of made-from-scratch Jamaican and Caribbean dishes which have garnered positive press from the Chicago Tribune and Time Out Chicago. A variety of seafood starters raid the pantries of orca whales for fresh morsels of crab, shrimp, and salt fish. Coconut and zesty jerk sauce drizzle over meaty entrees of chicken, oxtail, and curried goat, escorted by hearty sides such as fried plantains and candied yams. Patrons discuss steel-drum interpretations of Beethoven’s Fifth while sipping cappuccino and fruit drinks within the eatery’s faux tropical paradise, contained within large ocean murals, trellis-lined walls, and an indoor gazebo.

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