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    Ultimate Exposure Tanning Centers – 83% Off
    Multiple Locations
    $179.97 $29.99
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    Up to 93% Off Laser Hair Removal
    Multiple Locations
    $1,548 $149 0.2 miles
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    Up to 59% Off Cellulite Reduction
    Multiple Locations
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    Up to 55% Off Eyelash Extensions at Le Pied Spa Body and Nails
    Near North Side
    $40 $20 0.2 miles
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    Up to 52% Off Haircut or Highlights
    Multiple Locations
    $165 $79 0.2 miles
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    Up to 65% Off Facials
    Near North Side
    $85 $39 0.2 miles
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In its earliest stages, airbrush technology was used solely for magazine cover models, deceased-rapper t-shirts, and makeup for the cast of Cats. But when airpaints shot to $93 a barrel in 2000 following the dot-com bubble burst, airbrush artistry became financially unviable. A drought of airbrush artists resulted in finger-paint-based photo retouching, shirtless Tupac fans, and the renaming of Cats to Humans. At the 2008 International CO2-Based Design Conference, out-of-work airbrush artists finally discovered a profitable solution: airbrush tanning. They immediately went back to work, delighting the millions of Americans patiently waiting for sunless, streak-free tanning options. “It's called Ortanic, and it's nothing short of amazing. We've tried Mystic Tan in the past and ended up looking less-than glowing and more like macaroni and cheese. We've tried self tanners and spent many nights lathering ourselves with different lotions to come to determine which one is the top runner, followed by many days walking around with different colors stained on our skin.