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3629 W Palmer St. Chicago, IL 60647


Art and Barb have something in common with President Barack Obama and actress Julie Andrews: they've all had their portraits taken by Paul Berg. Sure, Art and Barb are Paul's parents, but the photographer tries to make every portrait session feel as personal as the next, whether he's photographing a Hollywood star or commemorating his parents' 60th anniversary.

Since creating Paul Berg Photography, he has cultivated a portfolio that's stunning in its diversity. His commercial and architectural work showcases the sleek steel and glass of skyscrapers and upscale gym facilities. As an avid traveler, Paul has trekked across 26 countries, five continents, and seven moons of Jupiter, helping him build an impressive body of work that includes an award-winning series on India.

When he finally sets down his camera, Paul remains busy. He teaches hands-on photography workshops that propel novice photographers' skills into levels of expertness. During those workshops, his students grasp their cameras and follow him onto scenic bridges and through wildflower meadows while he instructs them on photography techniques. Paul also delivers educational lectures and exhibits his work in galleries.


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