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    Up to 84% Off at 1st Family Dental
    Multiple Locations
    $300 $49 0.2 miles
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    Up to 79% Off at Chicago Dental Arts
    Multiple Locations
    $240 $50 0.8 miles
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    Up to 94% Off at North Pier Dental Associates
    North Pier Dental Associates
    $700 $39 1.1 miles
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    81% Off Take-Home Teeth-Whitening Kit
    Lincoln Park
    $149 $29 1.2 miles
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    79% Off At-Home Teeth Whitening
    The Loop
    $116.95 $25 1.3 miles
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    Up to 80% Off Teeth Whitening or Dental Exam
    The Loop
    $225 $49 1.4 miles
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    Up to 76% Off Teeth Whitening at Smiling Bright
    Multiple Locations
    $199.99 $49 2.5 miles
1122 N Clark St Chicago, IL 60610


So-Well Dental Associates' doctors guide patients toward overall dental health through tusk-pampering services, clear Invisalign aligners, and sets of retainers. In its certified carbon-free office, the team performs preventative, restorative, and cosmetic dentistry to help extend the life of each client’s teeth and keep them in the mouth instead of escaping with the help of apple smugglers. Committed to safety and care, they use digital x-ray machines that require 90% less radiation than traditional film, using nothing but instruments that are disposable or sanitized with heat-steam sterilization. By harnessing the power of these tools. So-Well’s team of dental experts performs services ranging from check-ups and cleanings to whitening, clear braces, and installation of implants and crowns.


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