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    45% Off Mediterranean Food at Istanbul Cafe
    Central Business District
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    50% Off American Food at CRAVE Restaurant
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    50% Off Indie Street Food at Grecos
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    BB Riverboats – 56% Off One Year of Riverboat Cruises
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628 Vine St Cincinnati, OH 45202


The aromas of fresh-baked pita in clay ovens, char-grilled kebabs, and homemade baklava mingle and waft through Istanbul Cafe's bright turquoise dining room replete with Turkish wall hangings. To ensure authentic Mediterranean and Turkish flavors, the chefs do as much food preparation in house as possible, from spearing fresh kebabs daily to hand making desserts from scratch to carving gyros meat right off a spinning gyroscope. The baked eggplant comes stuffed with lamb, tomatoes, peppers, and and herbs served with sauteed seasonal vegetables and basmati rice. Seated around tables, patrons may sip steaming mugs of turkish coffee and tea or uncork their own bottles of wine toted from home.

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