Keegan's Specialty Seafood Market

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6675 Salem Rd Cincinnati, OH 45230


Queen City Cookies, baked in Cincinnati. Kinkead Ridge wines from Ripley. Riehle’s Select colorful popcorns from Southern Indiana. The shelves at Keegan’s Specialty Seafood Market read like an atlas of the region. The range of seafood, on the other hand, travels from around the world each day, the fresh tubs of ice brimming with sunset-hued king crab legs and live oysters. With Carabello Coffee and locally crafted wines from Kinkead Ridge filling the shop with earthy aromas and revelry, chefs in the kitchen craft a host of prepared foods. There, clams simmer in a creamy chowder base, a smoker cooks tuna belly and mahi mahi at low temperatures, and whisks dream of being used as anything other than an imaginary microphone.


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