Gibberman Barry P DMD

9157 Montgomery Rd Cincinnati, OH 45242
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Mon: 8:30am - 4:30pm
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A cleaning might not cure brain fever or hammer toes, but broken fillings and cavities can't hide from Dr. Barry P. Gibberman’s expert eye (his left eye). Your treatment begins as one of the friendly tooth technicians snaps on his business gloves and gives each of your shining enamels a thorough look-see ($120), taking some x-ray glamour shots ($60) to reveal any cracks, fissures, cavities, or political kickbacks from the tonsils before breaking out the rocket-powered toothbrush for an oral-hygiene throwdown. The meticulous cleaning ($75) gives the heave-ho to any tartar and plaque buildup, clearing the way for future generations of inevitable meal remnants. You'll leave with a smile bright enough to melt hearts, including your own, so be careful around mirrors. To ensure that your meal-crushing mandible toppers remain optimally mineralized, they apply a fluoride treatment to your teeth ($22), hardening the enamel.

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