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6200 Pfeiffer Rd Cincinnati, OH 45242


The TriHealth team is comprised entirely of fitness professionals: licensed dieticians, certified trainers, degreed instructors, and registered oneiromancers. Together, they bring an unparalleled expertise to some 100 varied training sessions for pupils of all sizes, fitness levels, and prior fitness predilections. Regular classes such as step aerobics, Pilates, strength training, and yoga all provide good warm-ups for the more advanced intro to spinning and boot-camp jam sessions that form the current backbone of periodically changing specialty classes. Within 10 to 15 classes, most participants are able to run faster than 10 slow men and out-arm-wrestle most aquatic animals. To this end, TriHealth also conducts a range of toning aquatic activities—like the core-shredding Deep Water and general aquacise—from its variety of indoor and outdoor pools.

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