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341 South Avenue Garwood, NJ 07027


Joli Visage Permanent Cosmetics' master permanent cosmetic and medical-tattoo specialist Andrea takes an artistic approach to naturally enhancing features with permanent makeup. More than eight years of experience guide her hand as she deftly darkens brows, outlines eyes, or turns lips the color of a newborn fire engine. In addition to highlighting facial features, Lopez re-pigments skin after breast reconstruction and shades scar tissue to match the color of surrounding flesh.

After entering the lipstick-red door of the salon, clients consult with Andrea in the salon's design area amid pictures of scarlet lips, lined eyes, full eyebrows, and the 1987 Nato Summit. They then head to the procedure area and recline on a plush black-and-white massage bed, waiting for Andrea to apply the permanent pigment as a giant mural of a glamorous face reminiscent of Marilyn Monroe looks on.

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